It all started on a sunny day in May.

If you think November is too early to be thinking about Christmas, how about developing a Yule Log recipe class in a box in Summer? While most people were outside picnicking and barbecuing, I was sparring with sponge and grappling with ganache. Baking, testing, and perfecting each element of our very first box! Six months later, here I am ready to unleash my invention, and I couldn’t be more excited!


Bringing the cookery school to your kitchen

In an era of convenience foods and takeaways on every corner, it’s easy to lose sight of how fulfilling cooking can be. How it can bring people together. By mastering a few recipes and mastering them well, kids and teens don’t just learn a one-off thing. They gain a skill for life. I’ve built my business around this aim. For me, there’s nothing better than seeing a beaming face at the end of the class, standing proudly with their cooking. This is what ‘Help Me To Cook’, and our ‘classes in a box’ are all about.


Why Yule log?

The Christmas Yule Log class has been a favourite for years, so adapting it for the class in a box was a no-brainer. It’s been my go-to cake for traditional Christmas cake haters for years and I never cease to be excited to guide our Junior Chefs as they make it and to make it myself. This is what I want to inspire in you and your junior chefs at home. It isn’t an everyday recipe, but Christmas is a time for indulgence and this chocolatey, cakey creation certainly ticks that box! It is a more technical baking challenge, but in my experience, kids enjoy a challenge. They’re more likely to focus on the idea of getting it right than worrying about what could go wrong.


A showstopper in a box!

Each item in the box has been carefully considered. The instructions are designed to make you feel as if I am working right alongside you, guiding you to achieve the best results. Unlike a certain Baking Show, there are detailed step-by-step instructions that ensure there’ll be no #nailedit moments like this!

We’ve made sure you have the correct baking tray for the recipe and we’ve included everything you need to show off your creation, right down to a silver serving board. People will have a hard time figuring out whether you baked it or bought it!

This box has been months in the making and years in the dreaming! I’m so excited and proud of what we’ve put together for you and I can’t wait to show you what else we have in store!