Why Cooking

Why?  In 2007 Chris and I were chatting (see "The Team") about what we could do to give another dimension to our working lives.  Having two daughters of our own and how we do not always have time to show them the basics of cooking, we thought by offering lessons to children and young people we could bring focus to this area of life.  If you have been on one of courses you may have seen that sometimes our daughters join in to also learn new skills.


To help us fit this into our own main occupations, the Dragon School have very kindly agreed to us using the Cauldron Kitchen, the School's activity room for cooking, during holiday times.


So Help Me To Cook was started in the October half term of 2007 and has continued every holiday since.


Even though we have now been going for 10 years we are always evolving and brining new ideas to the courses or altering existing menus or showing different ways of doing things i.e. intense tomato sauces to quick five minute tomato sauces.


Bringing all this in a child friendly format to students is what we enjoy doing and we hope when the students come home with their efforts you also enjoy the participation too.

Disclaimer: Help Me To Cook is an independent company in which the Dragon School Trust Ltd has no interest.  Help Me To Cook does not act as the agent of the Dragon School Trust Ltd and the Dragon School Trust Ltd accepts no liability in respect of contractual obligations undertaken by Help Me To Cook or in respect of acts or omissions of Help Me To Cook or its employees or agents.